From the moment this puppy was whelped, with his wild
markings, I knew he had to have a magical name - hence

Mojo charms us daily with his antics and dynamite
personality.   He knows no enemy and befriends
everyone he meets.  You could never ask for a better
temperament in a dog.

In the show ring, Mojo is all business
and a true showman.  He represents the
class and elegance of Sunflect

I am pleased to announce . . .
Mojo has obtained his AKC
Championship during the
Heartland of America Cluster
March 18-21, 2010

Watch for Mojo as he casts a 'magical
charm' in the Specials Ring, 2010.
Mojo is always
Breeder/Owner handled.
Definition:  mo·jo (mō'jō') n. A magic charm or spell.